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The Team

Doing BSSM changed my life and changed the way I do ministry. It made me ready to lead when I thought I wasn't ready.

I have been on staff at Summit Church Wylie since 2011, and I have really been in ministry my whole life! I have been praying and waiting for this day to come, where we get to have a School of Supernatural Ministry in Wylie! My desire is to see heaven on earth become a reality not something we pray but don’t live.

Through this school you will encounter heaven on earth and it’s your choice for it to be an event or become a lifestyle. I am excited to get to know you and walk along side you in this journey! Let’s live what Jesus died and rose again for! 

Alisha Hill

Director of ABLAZE SSM

ABLAZE SSM is an open door that we are excited to walk through. Your challenge is before you. Take the first step! Climb the mountain! Your destiny awaits.

As church administrator for Summit Church Wylie, when the idea of ABLAZE came to be I jumped at the chance to be a part. I not only am excited to see all that God is going to do through each student but also through this school as a whole.

Lets change DFW for the Kingdom by partnering together to get the Kingdom inside of us!

Ashley Hill

Administrator of ABLAZE SSM


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