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We are a nine month part time school, dedicated to bringing HEAVEN to EARTH to every area of society! 
Teaching and encouraging you to live a life where Jesus gets his full reward. 

We use Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry curriculum as well as some of their models. 

We meet Sundays from 4:00pm to 8pm. In that time we have worship, we share testimonies, watch a video from BSSM, discuss, and activate. As well as meeting weekly. You will also be a part of a revival group that meets every other week. In your revival group you will go deeper in relationships as well as doing assignments! 


We have assigned book reading in addition to Bible reading. You will have weekly homework and 5 papers to write through out this nine-month journey. 


This first year will change your life! It will challenge your thinking and enlarge your expectancy for what God can and wants to do through you! You were made to live in heaven on earth. Let’s start living in what Jesus paid for!


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